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Let’s Code, Girls!


                               The project, conducted in March          We extended the project to in-
                               2016 at the Borusan Gemlik cam-          clude the children of employees at
                               pus, targeted factory employees’         the  Borusan  factories  in  Sefaköy
                               daughters aged between 7 and             and Halkalı, an additional 90 girls
                               14.  In  the  first  phase,  the  project   aged between 7-14, and provided
                               taught 60 girls how to code, with        computer programming training at
                               classes in the fundamentals of           these campuses.
                               electronics, gaming, animation
                               and story programming, and sim-          We collaborated with the UK-
                               ple robot design using basic elec-       based  KızCode  (GirlCode),  which
                               tronic modules and 3-D printing          demonstrated its success by win-
                               integration. The girls came up with      ning the best social responsibility
                               interesting and creative projects as     initiative award from the Ministry of
                               a result of their training.              the Interior and the Universities As-
                                                                        sociation in 2015. The Let’s Code,
                   We launched the Let’s Code, Girls!                   Girls! project won the Internation-
                    project to enable girls to develop                  al Corporate Social Responsibility

                computer skills compatible with the                     award as part of the International
                                                                        Young Entrepreneurs and Leaders
                 21  century information technology
                                                                        platform’s 2  International Corpo-
                         era and to take steps towards                  rate  Social  Responsibility  (ICSR)
                                        a future of equality.           Awards.

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