Borusan Sustainable
Benefit Programme

We support projects that focus on social benefit and mediate social transformations to improve their capacities

As Borusan Holding, we support projects with high potential to influence and mobilize target groups on social issues in parallel with social impact and sustainability priorities through the Borusan Sustainable Benefit Programme.

Within the scope of the Borusan Sustainable Benefit Programme, which we carry out in cooperation with Impact Hub Istanbul, we provide capacity building, grant and mentorship support to selected projects, and organize various training and events.

Borusan Sustainable Benefit Programme
1st Term

In the first term of our programme, we received 121 applications from 25 cities. 55 of these applications focused on combating the climate crisis, 41 on reducing inequalities, and 25 on combating the climate crisis and reducing inequalities. We supported 3 projects selected by our jury within the Sustainable Benefit Programme.

  • 1 Ayşe Damla İşeri Disabled Women's Rights Education Platform project It aims to raise awareness of deaf and hearing impaired women in Turkey about their rights based on gender equality.
  • 1 Nesra Gürbüz and Gülşah Özdemir Koryürek Time Traveller Kreta The story of the climate crisis through the eyes of an alien with a focus on children's rights.
  • 1 Prof. Dr. Mustafa Sarı The Cry of the Fan Mussels It aims to protect Fan Mussel populations affected by mucilage in the Marmara Sea and ecosystem destruction due to climate change through scientific data, awareness raising activities and restoration strategies.
Our 1st Term Documentary

Borusan Sustainable Benefit Programme
2nd Term

In the second term of Borusan Sustainable Benefit Programme, we received 142 applications from 38 cities. 61 of the applications we received focused on quality education, 77 on employment, 80 on livelihoods, 68 on reducing inequalities, and 64 on environment & ecology. We selected 4 different projects to support in the second term.

  • 1 Uğur Mursaloğlu & Çiğdem Bozoğulları From Farmer to Home The digital shopping platform aims to support rural development by bringing the products of producers in the earthquake region together with consumers.
  • 1 Serim Yarar & Seben Dayı Everything Accessible It focuses on conducting a communication campaign to mobilize decision-makers in the earthquake region to create public opinion to design accessible cities.
  • 1 Ayşe Kaşıkırık Global Equality and Inclusion Network It aims to create gender equality-oriented disaster policies and empower women by providing capacity building and leadership support to women in the earthquake region.
  • 1 Kevser Özcan Right to Health Association It aims to build an ambassador mechanism to increase the level of health literacy of women in the earthquake region regarding the solution of reproductive health problems.
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