Equal Borusan

With the belief that gender equality should be adopted and internalized at institutional and individual levels...

We have been operating within Borusan Holding as the Equal Borusan Platform since November 2015 with the belief that gender equality should be adopted and internalized at corporate and individual levels. We aim to achieve concrete results in a wide range of areas from human resources policies to communication on gender equality in line with the 2030 group targets.

Over 10 Years of Journey
Dedicated to Equality

We are among the first organizations from Turkey to sign the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEPs), which were established in partnership with the United Nations Global Compact (UN Global Compact) and the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women (UN Women).

We continue to contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and sustainable development by developing projects on gender equality, one of the most fundamental social problems not only in Turkey but also in the world.

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Gender Lens

We launched the Gender Lens programme in 2020 with the aim of holding a mirror to ourselves, our work environment and the whole society on gender equality and inequalities. Considering that we need to take action and responsibility to eliminate inequalities, we prepared the "Gender Equality Commitment Letter", which includes 8 main responsibility items within the scope of the Gender Lens programme. These main items are as follows:

  • Equal opportunity in recruitment processes
  • Equal approach to training and development processes
  • Equal opportunities in career management
  • Equal approach to wage management
  • Equal approach to performance management
  • Equal treatment in working conditions,
  • Sustainable equality approach
  • Gender equality approach of our business partners and stakeholders

Gender Equality and Domestic Violence Guide

At Borusan, we implement policies that make gender equality one of our main responsibility focuses and strengthen this issue within the organisation. In this respect, we prepared the Gender Equality and Domestic Violence Guide, which addresses issues such as gender equality, domestic violence, psychological support and security measures within the scope of the Equal Borusan Platform.

Borusan Group Parent Guide

Working parents have a special place in our activities focused on gender equality, which we diligently carry out under the Equal Borusan Platform. We believe that the role of parents is very important, especially in infant and child care, and that both parents bear equal responsibility. In this context, we have prepared the Borusan Group Parent Guide to serve as a guide for new and working parents. In the guide, we have included many topics ranging from working hours to leaves, from fringe benefits to maternity benefits, from psychological support to suitable working environments.

Call Out Sexism

In 2018, as a continuation of the "Love Begins with Language" movement we launched in 2017 to draw attention to discriminatory language and behaviours in business life, we launched the "Call Out Sexism" campaign with the video we released on 8 March International Women's Day.

8 March - #AdınıKoy Let's Code, Girls

Love Begins with Language

As Borusan, we do not ignore the problems caused by discriminatory statements and behaviours, especially those related to gender, which are frequently encountered in daily business life. In this respect, we prepared the Guidebook to Avoid Statements and Behavior Suggesting Gender Discrimination in the Workplace in cooperation with Equal Borusan and Gender and Women's Studies Research Centre of Kadir Has University. In addition to this guide, where we include non-discriminatory equivalents of expressions that belittle gender, age and generation differences, we also published a video titled "Love Begins with Language".

Let's Code, Girls

As Borusan, we also carry out pioneering activities to strengthen the position of women in economic and social life as well as equal social opportunities. Accordingly, in 2016, we launched the "Let's Code, Girls " project to provide coding training to the daughters of factory employees.

Within the scope of the project, we provided 8-week-long trainings to the daughters between the ages of 7-14 of the factory employees of Borusan Group companies in Bursa-Gemlik and Istanbul-Halkalı. For the trainings that reached 200 girls, we collaborated with the KızCode platform, which has been providing coding trainings in the UK for a long time to enable migrant girls and women to be an active part of life.

Through the programme, we aimed to prepare girls for the future by bringing them closer to information technologies. During the trainings, our students received seminal lessons on many subjects ranging from the basic principles of electronics to game, animation or story programming with Scratch and 3D modelling.

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My Mom's Job is My Future

In 2012, Borusan launched the " My Mom's Job is My Future" project in cooperation with the then Ministry of Family and Social Policies and the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology in order to increase women's employment in industry and support women's empowerment.

To date, we have opened Borusan Joy Factories in organised industrial zones in Adıyaman, Afyonkarahisar, Malatya and Balıkesir. Thus, we aim to facilitate the lives of women who cannot find the opportunity to work due to the care of their children aged 0-6, and to increase the qualified female labour force in our country's economy.

With the " My Mom's Job is My Future" project, we won an award in the "Inclusiveness" category at the Corporate Social Responsibility Awards organised by TİSK in 2014 and in the "Social Responsibility" category at the Golden Compass Public Relations Awards organised by the Public Relations Association of Turkey in 2015.

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