Supply Chain

We strive to extend our sustainability approach throughout our entire value chain.

With the mission of being a 200-year-old company, we aim to create a positive impact on society and the world through our sustainable business model, which is built under the Climate, People and Innovation (i³) value areas within Borusan.

In line with our long-term targets, we are planning our carbon-free business model. Our activities are guided by our focus areas of human-oriented corporate culture, social benefit and innovation for sustainability. We take responsibility and carry out our efforts with all our strength to ensure that the environmental and social impact we create with our existing sustainability approach is disseminated among Borusan employees and throughout our value chain.

On Borusan Side
On the Supplier Side
1Borusan Employees
Procurement Request Creation Process

Following the relevant basic steps in the process of Sustainable Procurement,

Evaluating the Sustainable Procurement category-based issues to be considered,

Having knowledge about the policy and guidelines reflecting the sustainable procurement approach

Supplier Assessment

Responsible for the implementation of the Sustainable Procurement policy and the assessment of suppliers within this scope.

The Sustainable Procurement policy establishes the basic steps in the operation of sustainable Procurement and guides stakeholders.

Compliance with Borusan Sustainability Approach

They declare and undertake;

Compliance with the Borusan Sustainable Procurement Policy,

Implementation of the Borusan Sustainable Procurement Guidelines, the supplier self-assessment form and the Borusan Group Sustainable Procurement Conditions Commitment.

In this context, we evaluate the Borusan Sustainable Procurement Approach in two different perspectives, "Borusan Specific" and "Supplier Specific", and we take the Sustainable Procurement Policy, Supplier Self-Assessment Form and Supplier Guide for Sustainable Procurement into the implementation framework in order to disseminate this understanding to all stakeholders.

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