Our Sustainability

At Borusan, we view sustainability as a crucial strategic element that not only shapes our future existence but also takes a central role in our operations through an integrated management approach.

With our "Inspiring Future" approach, we inspire a brand new future by being inspired by innovative ideas. We are aware of our responsibilities towards our planet and society. We effectively manage our Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks through our investments in sustainability, focus on long-term value creation and shape our future existence by gaining the trust of all stakeholders in our value chain. 

Based on this approach, we address our sustainability strategy within the framework of Climate, People and Innovation (i³) value areas (first letters of the Turkish words for climate, human, and innovation). Our "i³" approach, which supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals on the one hand and overlaps with the strategies and material issues of our Group companies on the other, guided us in setting our medium and long-term sustainability goals. As we take firm steps towards the future we envision, we have also determined our performance indicators for these goals. Our Group companies plan and implement the road maps they will follow towards these goals and monitor their progress.

Borusan Group 2030 Targets



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    Developing emission reduction projects that require investment

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    Becoming carbon neutral.

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    Establishing a CBAM-compliant emission measurement, monitoring and reporting mechanism

Contribution to Circular Economy

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    Supply management in line with sustainable procurement criteria

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    50% reduction in water consumption, 50% increase in recycling

  • Recyling Svg

    50% reduction of waste, 100% of waste to be recycled

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    Zero single-use plastic and paper products


Sustainable Talent Management

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    Being among the top 10 most preferred employers

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    Retaining 9 out of every 10 Alphas and 95 out of every 100 Future Leaders

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    Sustainable Commitment Score

Equality and Diversity

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    Reaching 10% female employee ratio in the field and factory

  • Women Svg

    Reaching 40% female leadership and office staff ratio

Happy, Safe and Healthy Workplace

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    Zero fatal accidents

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    50% reduction in accident frequency rate and 30% reduction in accident severity rate


Creating Value through Innovation

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    Circular business and service development

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    Developing carbon neutral business and service models

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    Providing social and environmental benefits through entrepreneurship ecosystem collaborations

We believe that the right resources should be directed to the right initiatives in order to achieve our sustainability goals. In our climate focus, we implement greenhouse gas emission reduction projects, build circular business models, make improvements to protect our water resources, and continue to carry out biodiversity studies and clean energy investments. In our human focus, we ensure the continuity of a business environment that embraces equality, diversity and inclusiveness, while developing activities that benefit not only our employees but also the entire society. In our innovation focus, we realize innovative and regenerative business models.

We are aware that access to the necessary financing while taking all these steps in our sustainability roadmaps is critical in achieving the sustainability goals we adopt internationally, locally and as a group. In this context, we carry out studies to associate the risks and opportunities arising from climate change with our financial performance together with other ESG risks and opportunities.

We measure, regularly review and share our sustainability performance according to global standards. We know that the initiatives we implement in ESG are one of the most important levers to achieve our Borusan Group targets. In all sectors in which we operate, we support the adoption and dissemination of sustainability in all business areas through the exemplary practices we have developed in ESG.