Inspiring the Future Awards

We support our projects that accelerate sustainability with our "Inspiring the Future Awards" program.

In 2022, we launched our 'Inspiring the Future Awards' program, a recognition and awarding process for Borusan employees' in-house projects. In order to support project and business development processes in the field of sustainability and raise awareness, we opened the call for applications for projects planned within Borusan Group. These projects were implemented in all geographies where we operate under the climate, human and innovation focus areas of our sustainability strategy.

We evaluated our projects in the areas of decarbonization, energy management, waste management and circular economy in the climate category; in the areas of talent management, inclusion and diversity, occupational health and safety in the human category; and in the innovation category within the framework of the criteria we set. In the first year of the program, we created a "Special Jury Award" category under the climate category for our biodiversity projects.

Initially, a selection committee of our sustainability leaders within the group thoroughly assessed each project based on thematic and common criteria. Projects that passed the first evaluation were then subjected to 'Borusan Votes,' where our employees provided their input, and to 'Jury Evaluation,' involving third-party evaluators. The awarded projects in nine categories were announced on Borusan Day, and the awards were presented to the project owners.

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