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At Borusan, we manage sustainability, which is embraced at the highest level, from an integrated perspective as the main strategic element that shapes our business model, corporate culture and future existence.

To maintain our sustainability performance at the highest level, we have established a governance structure aligned with our sustainability strategy. This structure, embraced at the top level, allows Borusan employees at all levels to actively participate and have a say in the process. The Board of Directors oversees sustainability activities at Borusan. The Group CEO leads all sustainability efforts and sees sustainability performance as a fundamental part of the corporate governance strategy. Accordingly, the Group CEO works under the leadership of the Group Head of Human, Communication and Sustainability to manage the environmental and social impacts of the company's activities and to implement the strategies and policies determined on sustainability.

Borusan Holding Sustainability Governance Model has four main components:

Group Sustainability Board

Our Group Sustainability Board covers the Holding and Group companies, gathering around purposes such as evaluating developments in the process, making assessments and taking decisions to achieve results effectively, and obtaining external expert opinions on critical issues for the Group.  

The Board consists of the sustainability leaders of the Holding and Group companies and the leaders of the work groups. It monitors developments from a holistic perspective and takes necessary decisions. In particular, it monitors the progress towards achieving our sustainability goals, provides guidance on possible developments in trends and regulations, and ensures the development of sustainability throughout Borusan Group.

Holding Sustainability Work Group

The Holding Sustainability Work Group consists of representatives from the Board of Directors, Strategy and Business Development, Public Policies and Corporate Relations, Human Resources and Corporate Communications departments, and convenes once a month to assess the items on the agenda. 

The Group monitors developments and provides guidance in line with the top indicators (Macro KPIs) set by the Holding and the development reports submitted by companies. The Group submits an annual consolidated progress report to shareholders. It’s responsible for the management of the initiatives under the responsibility of the Holding, awareness, communication and development of the organization regarding sustainability.

Company Sustainability Work Groups

Company Sustainability Work Groups monitor each company's own sustainability agenda, evaluate performance in the context of the annual targets and actions included in their strategies, and aim to achieve success.

Work Groups are composed of the sustainability sponsor at the level of General Manager or Executive Board, the company sustainability leader and representatives of the work groups. The groups share company-based progress with the Holding Sustainability Work Group when necessary. Work groups, which are expected to convene every two months, are responsible for the implementation and follow-up of and compliance with sustainability goals. 

Each company reports to its board of directors and manages the process within its own strategic plan cycle. At the same time, sustainability goals and initiatives are integrated into company scorecards and progress is measured and reported by company sustainability officers.

Work Subgroups

Subgroups and subcommittees on EU Green Deal and Decarbonization, Sustainable Financing, Circular Economy, Occupational Health and Safety, Talent, and the Equal Borusan Platform support the company work groups as well as the Holding Sustainability Work Group with regard to the sustainability issues on their agenda, creating an environment that fosters learning on cross-cutting issues, experience sharing, and joint project development between businesses.

The EU Green Deal and Decarbonization, and Circular Economy subgroups cover “Climate”; OHS, Talent and Equal Borusan subgroups cover “Human”; Sustainable Financing subgroup covers “Human” and “Climate”; and R&D and Innovation subgroups cover “Innovation” subjects.  

All of these bodies report to the Borusan Group Sustainability Work Group, the top-level group that meet on a quarterly basis, and set the agenda for such meetings.

Borusan Sustainability
Governance Structure