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11 February 2020
Borusan Araç İhale, the second-hand vehicle auction company, took a technological step towards to serve as the single reference point for the market when it comes to second-hand pricing. Within the framework of this vision, Borusan Araç İhale unrolled the Borusan 24/7 Price Second-Hand Vehicle Pricing Channel for its users through Turkey’s domestic communication and life platform, BiP. Developed in collaboration with BiP and Microsoft, Borusan 24/7 Price Second-Hand Vehicle Pricing enables BiP users to access the estimated retail value quickly and easily based on real sales data about the vehicles they are interested in.
Borusan Araç İhale has reshaped the second-hand vehicle market by investing in digitalization and machine learning and has launched a new era in the second-hand vehicle world. Borusan 24/7 Price, Second-Hand Vehicle Pricing can be found in BiP's (Turkey's most downloaded domestic communications and life platform) Discover section. Users will be able to find the retail prices for vehicles they wish to sell or buy quickly and easily. This pricing system relies on sales data from Borusan Araç İhale's own auction channels, and stands out because displays information such as vehicle damage and expertise alongside the most realistic price. Borusan 24/7 Price Second-Hand Vehicle Pricing currently serves only BIP customers who use Turkcell, but will soon be available for users of other communication companies as well.
A key reference point for fast and safe shopping in the second-hand car market
Domestic and national communication and life platform BiP has been downloaded over 43 million times worldwide and competes globally via its latest features and services. As Turkey's most downloaded domestic communications app, BiP makes its users lives easier with hundreds of service options found under its Discover section. Now, upon teaming up with Borusan Araç İhale, users can easily use BiP to check out the cost of second-hand vehicles. BiP & Digital Business Partner Services Manager Fulden Altuner Türken, in a statement regarding the new pricing system that they and Borusan collaborated on, said, "We at Turkcell are pioneering Turkey’s conversation into the digital age. Not only are we transforming our sector, but we are also transforming the retail and automotive sectors through our digital services. Our priority is always to offer solutions to the ever-changing demands and needs of our customers. Given that BiP, our communication and life platform, has been downloaded 43 million times worldwide, we are refining its content according to our customers’ needs. The pricing system that we and Borusan have developed aims our customers’ needs in this field. We believe that BiP, through this system, will serve as an important reference point for fast and reliable second-hand vehicle shopping.”
Technology infrastructure provided by Microsoft
Technology giant Microsoft has invested heavily into machine learning in recent years. Borusan Araç İhale and authorized partners of Microsoft teamed up to produce the system’s machine-learning infrastructure.
According to Cem Kubilay, assistant general manager of Microsoft Turkey Solutions, "We at Microsoft are continuing to alter the industry and communities by delivering solutions that empower individuals and institutions to achieve more. In our opinion, by bringing our cloud and machine learning technology to Borusan Araç İhale’s project, we have helped it accelerate the automotive industry. Cars used to merely carry us from point A to point B; now they are smart machines. Digitalization has not only transformed the driving experience, it has launched the vehicle sharing economy and removed the need for drivers thanks to self-automated vehicles. In light of this, the transformation of the second-hand vehicle market was inevitable. International research indicates as the choice of vehicles in the Second-Hand vehicle market increases, the consumer profile is simultaneously getting younger. In the new era, accessing data has never been easier and digital consumption habits and e-commerce is shifting. This means that competition will gradually increase. In this new era where technology is behind the wheel, we are delighted to take part in this project which will contribute to the development of the automotive industry of our country.”
“We will continue to contribute to the institutionalization of the second-hand vehicle market”
Borusan Araç İhale’s General Manager Sinan Barutçuoğlu, had the following to say:
“Drivers who plan to buy or sell second-hand vehicles now want a more end-to-end experience. During this process, they want to view photos, they want to buy and sell quickly and safely, they want fast, customised delivery, and they want to test their product. One of their most important expectations is the right pricing. While this process is still conducted through physical and digital channels, the share of digital channels in the customer experience is increasing. In this respect, we attach great importance to our investments in digitalisation and machine learning. Microsoft's support for us proves that our machine learning project is both the right decision and the right investment. It also shows us that we are on the right track towards digitalisation. Providing this service and being accessible to BiP application users is important to us, given its status as Turkey's domestic and national communication platform and given that it has been downloaded over 43 million times all over the world. In the 4th quarter of 2019, we have started selling personal vehicles via our physical and online sales channels. In the coming years, we will try improve our Borusan 24/7 Price Second-Hand Vehicle Pricing service, which is included in the BiP Discover section, by integrating into our auction platforms. As a company with close to 9,000 corporate members throughout Turkey, Borusan Araç İhale knows both corporate and individual customers. We will continue to grow by offering them special, valuable, and innovative solutions. We will also continue to contribute to the development and institutionalisation of Turkey’s second-hand vehicle market.”
Second-hand vehicle market growing, consumer behaviour changing
The second-hand vehicle market is growing faster than the new vehicle market both here in Turkey as well as throughout the world. As of 2019, about 7,000,000 second-hand vehicles were sold on the basis of transfer registration—this compared to only 480,000 new vehicle sales. Those looking for second-hand vehicles spend 40% more time on the internet than those who are looking for new vehicles do—mostly looking to obtain more and more information. Sales through more classic channels aren’t as easy as before due to greater knowledge and awareness of customers. Satisfying this customer segment and setting prices in this sector requires more careful and precise work. Thanks to strong partnerships, Borusan Araç İhale now offers a safe solution point for customers seeking reliable channels.
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