Strong Growth In Borusan Paving The Way to New Investments

05 March 2018
Borusan Group recorded a growth of 31% in 2017. Borusan Group, which raised its consolidated revenue to 17.1 billion Turkish Liras, set its revenue goal for the year 2018 at 20 billion Turkish Liras. The group made a decision to make 1.2 billion Turkish Liras worth of investment this year and will be generating employment for a total of 1250 people in line with this goal. Borusan Group’s CEO, Agah Uğur stating that “R&D and digitalization” will be at the focus of the group’s future strategies, said “This year we are opening our 6th R&D center and we are working on more than 150 R&D and digital transformation projects.”

Borusan’s 12th public briefing meeting was held in İstanbul on Friday March the 2nd 2018. Borusan Holding’s CEO Agah Uğur and Senior Management of Borusan Holding participated the meeting in which briefing was given about the Group’s 2017 performance, expectations from 2018 and its future strategies.

Borusan Group’s net sales in 2017 were recorded as 17 billion 89 million Turkish Liras. This corresponds to a 31% growth on TL basis when compared to the previous year. 29% of Borusan’s total sales were done abroad and its total investments reached a level of 1.3 billion Turkish Liras.

“We have complete trust in Turkey’s economy.”

Borusan Holding’s CEO Agah Uğur

made a speech in the briefing meeting and stated as follows:

“We are very pleased by the strong growth recorded in Borusan companies in 2017. Our 2018 revenue goal is 20 billion TL.”

Agah Uğur

further continued his words as such:

“We create value with our operations in Turkey and the investments we make. We trust Turkey’s economy. We continue our investments without any delay. Despite all the political and geopolitical tensions, the fact that Borusan showed a strong growth success in 2017 proceeding on its way reveals that Turkey’s economy is rising on solid foundations.”

Focus: R&D and Digitalization

Uğur pointing that they have made significant investments in terms of R&D, innovation and digitalization this year continued his words:

“We are opening our 6th R&D Center this year. In 2017 we have invested approximately 40 million TL in R&D and digitalization. We are gradually moving in line with our plans towards our goal of investing 900 million TL in this field by 2020. By digitalizing our business processes, we are transforming our production, sales and after sales services in different business areas in a way that will create more value. This year we are planning to put into use some of the 100 projects we have been working on.”

Borusan R&D currently continues to process more than 50 projects aimed at developing advanced goods along with Industry 4.0, Product Development and Design based projects. With the Industry 4.0 implementations developed in four R&D Centers, %3-8 capacity increases have been achieved in several business processes without any need for making investment in production lines. Energy consumption has been reduced in similar ratios. These ratios represent serious improvements in traditional industries.

Big lunge in energy

Borusan EnBW Enerji, took significant steps in 2017 towards its goal of becoming the market leader in wind energy systems by implementing its growth strategy with success and improving Turkey’s renewable energy sources. In the tenders made last year Borusan EnBW Enerji gained 10 new projects and 296 MW capacity.

300 million TL investment in Gemlik and Halkalı!

Borusan Mannesmann crowns its 60th anniversary in 2018 with a significant investment. As the company sets up a new factory that will manufacture special pipes for the automotive industry, it will also raise the production capacity of its factory in Halkalı, Istanbul. A part of the 300 million TL total investment will go into operation this year, and the rest will be completed in 2019.

The investment will lead to a 55% capacity increase in automotive pipe production and generate new employment for 250 people. In addition to this, with this investment they will achieve an increase in the capacity of industrial pipes, which are used in industries such as energy, mining and machine equipment production. These industrial pipes are being produced in Turkey with a special technology applied only by Borusan Mannesmann.
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