Great Interest To The First Album Of BIPO From All Around The World

31 March 2010

The first edition of the first international album of Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra (BIPO)- the classical music ambassador of Turkey – called ‘’Respighi, Hindemith, Schmitt’’ are sold out within two months upon high demand from many countries. Following the first 5 thousand CD’s, the works are started to produce additional editions. Being launched with the label of English Onyx Company, the album is highly demanded in a wide geography extending from Japan to New Zeland. The leading broadcasting corporations of the world, such as The Times, Der Spiegel, BBC etc. give place to the album of ‘’Respighi, Hindemith, Schmitt’’. Having been offered for the music lovers in Turkey, Europe and Far East so far, the album has been introduced in England and USA at the end of March as well.
The album named as Respighi, Hindemith, Schmitt was recorded under the direction of the conductor Sascha Goetzel by Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra (BIPO) has encountered a great demand as soon as it is introduced into the markets in Europe and on the Internet. The first edition of 5 thousand CD’s regarded as a very good figure for a first album in today’s world where the sale of classical music gradually decreases, is sold out in two months.

The classical music ambassador of our country, which will give a concert on July 25 in the opening of Salzburg Festival does not only draw interest in Europe, but also in a wide geography from Australia to Canada. There is high demand from Germany, Austria, Benelux Countries, France, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Sweden, South Korea, Canada and Japan for the CD. Works are started for the third edition of the album Respighi, Hindemith, Schmitt since the 2nd edition is sold out.

Standing as a milestone for BIPO in its path to become one of the leading orchestras in Europe, the album is on sale in the Centers of the most popular shopping site of the world- in Germany, Canada and France; in electronic platforms such as Napster, MediaNet Digital, Telus, Emusic etc. The album has just been introduced in England and USA on March 29, 2010.

“The success achieved by BIPO through the first studio album all around the world within such a short period of two months, is the output of a long term work. While planning to approach our orchestra one step closer to Europe, we have suddenly found ourselves in the midst of the classical music world. We now believe more deeply that BIPO will make a name for our country in the field of classical music. This result has increased our working enthusiasm and determination to achieve our goals" said Sascha Goetzel, the Permanent Conductor and Art Director of BIPO, stating that he is so happy for the success of the album. ”

What is told about the album in the world press?
BIPO has faced with a great interest of Turkish and World presses as from the date the album of Respighi, Hindemith, Schmitt is launched. The leading magazines, newspapers, televisions and radios of the world, came to Turkey and made interviews with Sascha Goetzel and the officials of Borusan Culture and Art.

The Times
‘’Pave the way for Turks
Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra creates a new passion wave in the classical music arena in Turkey. Probably the first orchestra in the world owned and managed by a private company, BIPO is the most valuable presence of the foundation. Borusan Holding transfers approximately 8 million dollars of sources to Borusan Culture and Art every year. “We run The Foundation as a business unit of the Company. Our orchestra, establishing a significant presence,now armed with a bold new Austrian conductor Sascha Goetzel will tour the SalzburgFestival.. The new album of our orchestra will be the showcase of East-West meeting. Respighi’s “Belkıs, Queen of Sheba”, a masterpiece of Respighi, composed in inspiration by Arabic music, is a good example of this"
said Agah Uğur, CEO of Borusan Holding.

Der Spiegel
‘’Ahmet Kocabıyık set a goal for a rapid growth of his orchestra because he believes that progress in art as well as in business, is only achieved by growth. They are so successful that BIPO will now appear on the international arena with a well-done album.’’

Stuttgarter Zeitung
‘’Ahmet Kocabıyık aims to stand in the first place in the field of culture and applies his principles and quality concept that make Borusan one of the leading institutions of Turkey. Respighi’s ballet music, performed in the CD presentation of BIPO in Istanbul, “Belkıs, Queen of Sheba” was excellent in terms of rhythm and exoticism; this dance rhythm is already existent in the blood of Turkish musicians.”

‘’ Zeynep Hamedi and Ahmet Kocabıyık, respectively the daughter and the son of Asım Kocabıyık- the founder of Borusan Holding- have given importance to durability in order to enable Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra to achieve success. Instead of bringing musicians from international markets as in Spain and the Far East, they invest in Turkish musicians and foresee a slower but more durable structuring. The result accomplished is worth for working in this direction. The orchestra launched its first international CD nowadays and was invited for performing in the opening of Salzburg Festival this summer.”

Kronen Zeitung
Having been conducted by the Viennese conductor Sascha Goetzel to make it one of the leading orchestras in Europe from the 2008-2009 season up to now, BIPO has become so successful that it has launched its first international CD with the label of Onyx with its repertoire composed of three important composers of the 20th century”’

New Zealand Herald
“Now it is the turn of Borusan Philharmonic Orchestra, launching its first international album.

Album Carrying BIPO to Europe
Respighi’s “Belkıs, Queen of Sheba” suit, Symphonic Metamorphoses on the theme of Carl Maria von Weber and Schmitt’s Salome Tragedy are involved in the first international classical music album called Respighi, Hindemith, Schmitt recorded by Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of the conductor Sascha Goetzel.

A professional team, which has made a name internationally, has worked in the album. John West and Mike Hatch, who have worked with so many artists and groups, as well as Yehudi Menuhin, the greatest violinist of the 20th century have served as a producer and as a tonmaister respectively.

Since there is no suitable studio for orchestra and music recording in Turkey, it has been determined that a hall in the showroom building of Borusan Oto Istinye would be converted into a studio. All technical equipment was brought from England and the album was recorded between the dates of May 24-29,2009. 

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