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The strong position of Borusan Mannesmann is rooted in its corporate management approach, qualified and devoted labor force and its belief in innovation and continuous development. The corporation's short- and long-term plans include strengthening its position in global markets, creating with high value added products

Borusan Mannesmann was founded in 1958 as the first industrial venture of Borusan Group. Today, with a labor force of 1500 employees and 1.4 million tons of steel pipe production capacity, Borusan Mannesmann stands as one of Europe's leading steel pipe producers and is the market leader in Turkey.

Thanks to the knowledge buildup of 58 years, Borusan Mannesman offers a wide range of products and carries out the production activities in Gemlik and Halkalı in Turkey and in Italy and USA.

With tailor-made industry pipes and profiles manufactured at Halkalı plant, Borusan Mannesmann offers a wide range of products from automotive to furniture and white goods. Providing services primarily to the construction industry and many other sectors, in addition to the longitudinally-welded steel pipe plant located in Gemlik, it also has another plant at the same location which produces spirally-welded steel pipes used in water, oil and gas pipe line projects. Shown as one of the leading facilities of the world with reference to the technology and capacity, the plant is featured as the only plant of Europe which can produce spirally-welded steel pipes with a length of 24.5 meters.

While Vobarno plant in Italy carries out productions intended for the automotive industry in Europe, Houstan Texas plant which started its production in 2014, produces OCTG products.

One of Turkey's Largest 50 Companies

Borusan Mannesmann serves many industries with a variety of 4,000 goods, particularly construction, energy and automotive industries. Exporting 60% of its production, Borusan Mannesmann realizes 30% of Turkey's steel pipe exportation. Its product range includes water pipes, gas pipes, general purpose pipes, gas and oil pipelines, industry pipes and profiles, drilling pipes and reinforced steel construction profiles, Borusan Mannesmann appears in the 49th rank in the index of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce 500 (ISO 500).

Business Partners

Salzgitter Mannesmann GmbH
Zafer Atabey
General Manager
Mehtap Anık Zorbozan
Assistant General Manager
Uğur Onbaşı
Assistant General Manager
Ali Okyay
Assistant General Manager
Muammer Kızılaslan
Assistant General Manager
Oğuzhan Kuşçuoğlu
Assistant General Manager
Fırat Akkemik
Assistant General Manager
Managing Director : Zafer Atabey
Founded in : 1958
Address : Meclisi Mebusan Cad. No: 37 34427 Salıpazarı / İstanbul
Telephone : (+90) 212 393 58 00
Fax : (+90) 212 293 69 60
Contact Person : Can Öz
E-Mail :
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