Borçelik positioned as the most important supplier of large-scale industries in boutique manufacturing and has strategic importance in terms of its location having the advantage of a seaport.

Founded in 1990, Borçelik managed by the joint venture between Borusan Holding and AcerlorMittal is the most modern galvanized steel sheet manufacturer having the largest manufacturing capacity in Turkey.

Borçelik is executing its operations in Gemlik on an area of 240 thousand m2 and engaged in the manufacturing of hot-dip galvanized steel, cold-rolled annealed steel and pickled &oiled hot rolled steel categories.

The manufacturing capacity was increased to 1.5 million tones through investments amounting to a total of USD 500 million in 1994, 2003 and 2008. It has the capacity for 900 thousands of galvanized sheet and 600 thousands of cold-rolled sheet.

In addition, the products included in the category of commercial, drawing, deep-drawing and extra deep-drawing steel, dual phase, bake-hardening, rephosphorized, HSLA, enameling and structural grades are manufactured at the plant in Gemlik by means of high technology.

Borçelik, using ArcelorMittal's Extragal galvanizing technology particularly in the manufacturing of steel sheets for external and internal surfaces in the automotive industry, is the first Turkish corporation capable of manufacturing steel sheet for visible surfaces in the automotive industry. Thus, an industrial input to the automotive industry is achieved at the European Union standards, while the dependence on foreign resources is decreased in this respect.

Main customer groups in the domestic market include household appliances, automotive main and subcontractor industries, panel radiators, construction, color coating, pipes and profiles, packaging, metal goods sectors and steel service centers.

Kerim Çelik

With over 50 years of experience, Kerim Çelik is the first company that applied Steel Service Center services in Turkey

Kerim Çelik, being the joint venture of Borusan Holding and Arcelor Mittal, was founded in 1960 and became a leading flat steel service provider preferred by the Turkish industry in about half century of servicing.

It continues to provide world-class services with its Steel Service Center launched in 1977 with a total production capacity of 500.000 tons

Kerim Çelik provide services to automotive subcontractors, white goods main and suncontractors, heating - cooling and ventilation, electric, lighting, electronic, construction, elevator, machinery and spare parts, radiator, silo, furniture and accessory manufacturers, cable channels, pipe&profile, as well as to many other sectors.

Also specialized in the fields of technical support and product development, Kerim Çelik works hard to provide the best services to its customers in the market's top industry regions like Bursa, Manisa and Adana, with a view to providing the top quality services to its customers.

Business Partners

Kerem Çakır
General Manager
Mesut Güney
Executive Board Member – Technical / Investments Director
Sinan Sözen
Executive Board Member – Procurement and Kerim Çelik Sales Director
Güvenç Temizel
Executive Board Member – Director, Sales, Marketing, CTR & Inovation
Önder Aydoğan
Executive Board Member – Supply Chain Operations
Hafize Çetinel
Executive Board Member – Financial Affairs
Managing Director : Kerem Çakır
Founded in : 1990
Gemlik Address : Ata Mahallesi 125 Nolu Sokak No:1 16601 Gemlik – Bursa -Turkey
Telephone Number : (+90) 224 280 40 00
Fax : (+90) 224 519 01 30-31
Bursa Steel Service Center: Nilüfer Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Manolya Cad. No:4-A Nilüfer – Bursa-Turkey
Telephone Number: +90 (224) 324 16 01
Fax : +90 (224) 411 09 97
Manisa Steel Service Center: Organize Sanayi Sitesi 3.Kısım Ahmet Tütüncüoğlu Cad.No:5 – Manisa -Turkey
Telephone Number : +90 (236) 226 28 50
Fax : +90 (236) 213 06 04
Adana Steel Service Center: Ercan Demir Sanayi Sitesi Ceyhan Yolu 7. Km Yeni Mahalle 01340 Sarıçam-Adana- Turkey
Telephone Number: +90 (322) 342 14 40
Fax : +90 (322) 306 00 22
İstanbul Sales Office: İçerenköy Mahallesi Çayır Cad. Partaş Center K:18 Ataşehir-İstanbul- Turkey
Telephone Number : +90 (216) 581 30 00
Fax : +90 (216) 581 30 45 +90 (216) 395 42 65
Contact : Elif Aygül
E-Mail :
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