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Turkey's leading second-hand vehicle auction platform

Borusan Araç İhale being Turkey’s first multi branded remarketing company, based on Otomax established in 2001 providing used car commerce internet services, provides used car auction services contributing development and institutionalisation of the sector through qualified human resources and strong business network. While continuously growing and improving services, Borusan Araç İhale contributes to the development and institutionalisation of used car market in Turkey by developing range of services by use of innovative technologies.

Borusan Araç İhale regularly carries out physical auctions each week at Gebze facility. Customers are given the opportunity to participate online to the physical auctions via Simulcast from all around Turkey and to submit bids simultaneously with other physical participants. In addition to physical auctions, customers can buy and sell vehicles 24/7 from all over Turkey via online auction platform “7/24 İhale”. Also there is a valuation tool “7/24 Fiyat” that provides automatic pricing for second hand vehicles.

Borusan Araç İhale provides inspection and pricing services and logistics support for the registration of vehicles into private auction sessions and payment and transfer services for buying and selling transactions between the buyer and the seller.

Borusan Araç İhale has 2.300 corporate sellers and 7.800 buyer members enrolled in the system. The company sells 25.000 used vehicles per year thanks to the Private Auction System.

While only member independent and franchised dealers are able to buy vehicles from auctions organized by Borusan Araç İhale, any person may sell vehicles. Vehicles registered into the auctions are mostly provided by fleet companies, operational fleet lease companies, finance institutions, insurance companies, independent dealers, franchised dealers and consumers.

No restriction is applicable to those brands offered by Borusan Araç İhale services. Vehicles sold by private auction are offered under the guarantee of Borusan Araç İhale. Borusan Araç İhale is open to the participation of automobile manufacturers and dealers of every brand and every category. Borusan Araç İhale will continue to make a difference in the industry with its independent approach treating every brand equally.


Otonakit is a service providing used car purchasing option to consumers; enabling them to sell their used cars in the fastest and most reliable way. Otonakit is a service provided to the consumers by Borusan Arac İhale.

Combining its competent human resources, strong purchase and sales network and its vast experience in the Used Car industry; Borusan Arac İhale created the Otonakit brand to serve consumer segment.

Otonakit provides an online price to anyone who wishes to sell their used cars with Borusan assurance, followed by an experience without any surprises or problems and finalized by an instant purchase of the used car. With almost 20 years of experience, know-how and strength in the Turkish Used Car industry, Otonakit provides the most realistic and credible pricing to its users.

Our Vision is to provide a reliable, safe, profitable, fast and problem-free service experience to any consumer wishing to sell their used cars. Our Mission is to continue being a sustainable and industry leader company within the Used Car Industry by providing a customer-oriented platform dedicated to offering a profitable, safe and transparent business environment to its customers with the use of technology and Borusan brand’s reliability.

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İlker Baydar
General Manager
General Manager :İlker Baydar
Founded in : 2001
Address : Mimar Sinan Mah. Güney Yanyol Cad. No: 32 41410 – GEBZE / KOCAELİ
Telephone : (+90) 262 242 26 00
Fax : (+90) 262 242 26 05
Contact : Elif Kanmaz
E-mail :
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