We take initiative and responsibility
We display efficient individual leadership

We embrace leadership of our business at every level of the organization and take our business seriously no matter which level of the organization we work at. We improve and motivate ourselves, as well as our environment, and unite around mutual goals and targets. We initiate and manage the change by constantly assessing our work.

We take action in order to do what is necessary for our business

We take well-calculated risks and transform them into opportunities. Rather than waiting for approval, we take action within the framework of our competency and expertise and we take responsibility for our decisions. We make our decisions fast and apply them in the shortest time possible.

We work as a team

We recognize the contribution added to the business by each individual and their function and we attempt to generate maximum value from this. We respect each other, appreciate our differences and encourage maximum participation in order to create a base for individual initiative and responsibility.

We establish an efficient and lean organization

We have no tolerance for bureaucracy and activities which do not create added value. We work in an environment of open and efficient communication with integrated and productive systems in the leanest organizational structure possible.

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