Borusan Manheim

Borusan Manheim undertook a significant initiative in 2018, launching, the online auction platform enabling customers to buy and sell vehicles 24/7 across Turkey.

Having partnered in 2008 with US-based Manheim, the world leader in auctions, Turkey’s first multi-brand secondhand automobile platform, Borusan Manheim, is an integral component of the Borusan Group’s expanding network of automotive dealers. The Company had 7,800 buyer members as of the end of 2018 and, since 2001, has been organizing auctions for member dealers with secondhand vehicles supplied from fleet lease companies, independent dealers, authorized dealers, banks, insurance companies, distributors and commercial fleets.

Strategic Positioning

Borusan Manheim proceeds with the partnership of Borusan Holding and Manheim, the world leader in its respective field, and carries out effective and profitable business processes thanks to the following competitive advantages:

  • Maintaining its strong market position in physical auctions and strengthening its fast and low-cost online market platform.
  • Serving as a business partner creating value through its online valuation tool.
  • Digitalizing sales and operational processes to create value for customers.
  • Taking action that demonstrates the importance the Company attaches to employee and customer satisfaction.
  • Operating a high-tech infrastructure that generates a competitive edge in all products and services.

Steadily Increasing Its Member Dealers and Corporate Members

Borusan Manheim undersigned a significant achievement by reaching 7,800 member dealers and 1,650 corporate members in 2018. Having managed operations of 120,000 vehicles throughout the year, Borusan Manheim sold 20,602 secondhand vehicles in auctions, while achieving an average weekly participation of 3,150 members in these auctions. Moreover, alongside the physical auctions, mobile auctions in İzmir and cyberauctions (live auctions) on different days of the week continued.

Borusan Manheim took a significant initiative in 2018 and went live with, the online auction platform allowing customers to buy and sell vehicles 24/7 in all parts of Turkey. Having overseen the sales of 3,502 vehicles, this system allows firms to sell secondhand cars by uploading inspection information and photographs and to learn the market value, while enabling independent and authorized dealers to find, bid, and purchase cars, 24-hours per day, anywhere and at any time. The Manheim Trade Valuation Module was also utilized to develop a model for cash purchases, whereby vehicles would be supplied for auctions and authorized dealers would increase their trade-in rates and see positive impacts on their business. As of December 2018, distributorship agreements were started to be signed.

Firm Steps on the Path to Digitalization

Borusan Manheim pursued its goal of digitalizing business processes and carried out the following in 2018:

  • Enabling customers to buy and sell vehicles 24/7 in all parts of Turkey,, the online auction platform, went live.
  • Projects including the Barcode program, Kiosk Application and the Exclusive ‘My Page’ on the Website were implemented, aiming at the digitalization of sales and operational processes.
  • Borusan Manheim’s Application (Physical Auction and went live.
  • Efforts to improve inspections and photographs were launched.
  • The car park and office space at the Gebze location were enlarged, and further improvements took place.
Borusan Manheim

Company Profile

Operational Information

  • Member Dealers: 7,800
  • Auction Sales: 20,602 units

Corporate Information

Field of Activity

  • Providing a platform for secondhand vehicle buyers and sellers in a secure auction format that complies fully with laws and regulations.
  • Products and Services

    • Private auction
    • Inspection, pricing, logistical support for transportation of vehicles to special auctions, and all documentation and financial transfer services between buyer and seller for all domestic or imported second-hand motor vehicles


    • Sales of all vehicle brands
    • Weekly private auctions for member dealers from many provinces at Borusan Manheim Turkey’s Gebze facilities
    • Online Pricing Tool
    • Online sales systems
      • Simulcast
      • CyberAuction
      • Mobile Auction

        Sectors Served

        • Secondhand vehicles

        Service Locations

        • Headquarters: Kocaeli - Gebze
        • Branch: Ankara – Esenboğa




    Sinan Barutçuoğlu

    Sinan Barutçuoğlu
    General Manager