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My Mom’s Job is

            My Future Project

                                                  Among Borusan’s most important women’s empower-
                                                  ment projects is My Mom’s Job is My Future. Research
                                                  shows that childcare provision is crucial for improving
                                                  the employment of women in Turkey.

                                                  This long-term Project, launched in cooperation with
                                                  the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and the Minis-
                                                  try of Science, Industry and Technology, addresses this
                                                  issue by building early childcare and education centers,
                                                  called Borusan Joy Factories, for children aged be-
                                                  tween 0 and 6. These centers facilitate women’s em-
                                                  ployment in companies in 10 organized industrial zones
                                                  in 10 provinces of Turkey and provide their children with

                                                  modern education.

                                                  By the end of 2017, the project had opened Borusan
                                                  Joy  Factories  in  Adıyaman,  Afyonkarahisar,  Malatya
                                                  and Balıkesir.

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