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Borusan Mannesman’s

            Daycare Support

                               Upon a demand from one of Mannessman employees whom his spouse
                               could not work because of child care, we started daycare support for
                               everyone in 2016. This has been a good example to support women for
                               participating in the labor force and increasing their number in the work-
                               force. Engagement and women/women spouse number increased. 15

                               among our 1,200 employees benefited from this initiative.

            Borusan Holding  Micro Finance Branches

                               In 2009, we opened our first Micro Finance Branch in Afyonkarahisar, the
                               birth place of our founder and honorary president Asım Kocabıyık, in or-
                               der to realize our goal to support women entrepreneurs. The second mi-
                               cro finance branch is opened in 2013 in Bursa, Gemlik where Borusan
                               Holding owns a large industrial campus including a port.

                               To date, we provided TRY 5.6 million loans to women entrepreneurs
                               through both Micro Finance branches to support them for establishing
                               and developing their own businesses. In 2017, number of women entre-
                               preneurs who received micro finance loans reached 2,800.

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