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Women comprise only seven mil-           working  in  technology,  engineer-
            lion in Turkey’s 37 million working      ing and management is low and
            population and one in five Turkish       there are hurdles to hiring women
            women lives in poverty. According        for  production  departments.  We
            to the World Economic Forum’s            established “Equal Borusan Social
            Gender  Equality  Index,  women          Equality” platform to tackle these
            hold only 18% of administrative          issues.
            positions in Turkey.
                                                     Women  empowerment  efforts  of
            According to Turkish Government          Borusan took its place in World
            statistics, the rate of women em-        Bank’s sister organization Interna-
            ployment in 2017 was 33.5%. In           tional Finance Corporation IFC’s
            Borusan Group, women employ-             Tackling Childcare: “The Business
            ment rate is also low in technolo-       Case for Employer-Supported
            gy, engineering departments and          Childcare report” (pages 112-129)
            within top management, as in gen-        among 10 best practices of the
            eral Turkey.                             world.

            Borusan Holding develops its pro-
            jects in the belief that the women
            empowerment in economic and
            social life is a prerequisite of a
            sound economy, a more equal so-
            ciety, development, sustainability,
            human rights, and a rising quality
            of life.

            Borusan was elected and invited to
            be a member of the UN Women’s
            Empowerment Principles Leader-
            ship Group in 2015, becoming the
            first and only Turkish company to
            achieve this status. Through its
            work on women’s empowerment, it
            has become a leader of the cause,
            not only in Turkey, but the world.

            As  in  Turkey  overall,  the  number
            of female employees at Borusan

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