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Borusan Lojistik

            Would You Be My Teacher This Summer?

            A six-week summer school exe-            From the evaluation report results,
            cuted  by  Bilgi  Ağacı  in  coopera-    and the verbal feedback given by
            tion with Borusan Lojistik Ocean’s       the pupils and their parents, we
            Worth Life Platform and supporting       have observed that the program
            volunteers has gone underway  in         was efficient and beneficial.
            Birgi Village of Ödemiş, İzmir with
            the participation of 40 students, 19
            being female and 21 being male.

            The summer school had a program
            consisting  of  11  different  work-
            shops where pupils got to know
            the cultural and natural heritage of
            the city they lived in and learn to
            build a conscience of protecting it
            by living it and had a chance to ex-
            ercise and strengthen their social
            and emotional skills such as coop-
            erating with each other, empathize
            and expressing themselves.

            Borusan EnBW Enerji Good Energy

            Trainings for Future Generations

            At Borusan EnBW Enerji, we observed during public debriefing meetings we organize prior
            to our renewable energy investments that the local communities who live in our project
            areas had a very low level of knowledge about renewable energy sources and energy effi-

            In order to increase the level of awareness about wind power at the two premises of Boru-
            san EnBW Enerji, “Renewable Energy Resources and Energy Efficiency Tips” training has
            been provided to 378 primary and vocational school students since 2016 May by our 12
            employees who volunteered to commit 52 man -hours to the trainings in 2017 alone.

            Increasing public awareness has a very important role in fulfilling the clean energy mission
            of our company that aims to lead the way in wind power. With this awareness, our techni-
            cians and head office employees are willing to work at this project..

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