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We are Against Ignorance!

            Target is 2,000 Books!

                               The survey we conducted among            In addition to our 15 employees
                               Borusan Otomotiv Group employ-           who are active supporters, a num-
                               ees brought out a demand from            ber of our external stakeholders
                               Ocean Volunteers to focus on pro-        also volunteered to support the
                               ducing projects for children. This       project: Facebook – Onedio – Hep-
                               led us to a decision to start a library   siburada - Smartis – Securitas –
                               project. As a first step, we spotted     Meta  İnşaat  –  Akmanlar  Temizlik
                               a school without a library and made      Hizmetleri - Boogy Event Company
                               a shortage and requirements list for     – Global Turizm – DSM Group do-
                               it. We started the process of sup-       nated books.
                               plying the equipment such as the
                               bookshelves, desks, chairs, maps,        We aspired to spread this book do-
                               computers etc to be placed in the        nation campaign operation to all
                               library.                                 Borusan  Otomotiv  branches  na-
                                                                        tionwide. To achieve that, we gath-
                                                                        ered the list of books suitable for
                                                                        curriculum in a link with the help
                                                                        of a mobile web page designed by
                                                                        a partnership of
                                                                        and made it possible for everyone
                                                                        to be able to donate books online.

                                                                        In  the  short  film  prepared  for  the
                                                                        book donation campaign aware-
                                                                        ness, we placed “I Am Against Ig-
                                                                        norance! Target is 2,000 Books!”
                                                                        messages from various levels of
                                                                        employees in Borusan Otomotiv. At
                                                                        the same time the film was webcast
                                                                        in Facebook as advertised content,
            +                                                           which enabled non-Borusan Oto-
                                                                        motiv people donate books as well.
            Results and Gains

            Economical: We built a 2,000-book library together
            with its equipment inventory for just TRY 5 thousand from company budget.
            Social: We built a library comprising modern and up-to-date books where approximately 750
            students who study in Istanbul Küçükçekmece İnönü Secondary School can benefit from.
            Environmental: The library also contained books with content to feed environmental
            Corporate: Thanks to this campaign, a sense of volunteering for a common cause
            developed among the employees of Borusan Otomotiv Group. The Ocean Volunteers have
            further plans to realise another library project in a different school in 2018.

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