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Vocational High School Coaches of


            Vocational High School Coaching          We organized activities and work-
            Program is a corporate social re-        shops with these students on mod-
            sponsibility practice led by Private     ules like Responsible Citizenship and
            Sector  Volunteers  Association  in-     Time Management. We allocated a to-
            itiated for the volunteer coaches        tal of 175 hours for the activities and
            chosen among employees to serve          workshops with the students.
            for two years.

                                                     Borusan Otomotiv’s Ocean Volunteers
            The purpose of the program is to         who participated the program since
            create lasting collaborations be-        2012, coached 38 students during
            tween companies and vocational           2016-2017. Our aim is to include min-
            high schools, allow relationships        imum 10  volunteer  coaches and  40
            that begin with coaching practices       students in the project.
            to turn into opportunities like in-
            ternship or employment provided
            to students, and supporting other

            investments that might be done in
            vocational high schools in the long

            28 volunteers from Borçelik par-
            ticipated in the Vocational High
            School Coaching Program since

            2012 and 15 of them actively             +
            coached students in 2017. They
            reached  65  students  of  11   and
                                                     Economical: We believe that this program will help
            12  grades at vocational technical
                                                     grow business people who will add value to the
            high schools. We employed 15 of
                                                     country’s economy in the long run.
            the students who completed the
                                                     Social: We supported the vocational high school
                                                     students in their attendance to their schools, their
                                                     success stories, profession gaining, and profession-
            In 2017, within this program Boru-       al and personal developments by introducing them
            san CAT’s 10 volunteer coaches           to people who could be role models to them.
            worked  with  60  students  of  11th     Corporate: Another new and effective practice has
            and 12th grades at vocational            been initiated in Borusan Group which stands out
            technical high schools in Geb-           with the importance it gives to contribution to com-
            ze-Ankara-Diyarbakır  and  İzmir.        munity. We plan to continue the program in 2018.

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