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Scope of

            Our Report

            Unless  otherwise  stated,  the
            data in this report cover Borusan
            Group’s ongoing activities in four
            major industries during January 1        Principles of
            - December  31 , 2017. Although
            the priorities of these industries  Our Report

            are diverging from each other, we
            identified  their  mutual  material      This report has been prepared in
            topics through the workshop and          accordance  with the GRI Stand-
            the strategy survey we held. In          ards: Core option.
            the report, we included the perfor-
            mance data and good practices  
            regarding mutual topic of the com-
            panies that constitute 95% of total      In the process of identifying our

            Borusan Group revenues. These            strategic sustainability aspects,
            companies are: Borusan Mannes-           we considered the GRI principles
            mann, Borçelik, Borusan Otomo-           of materiality, stakeholder inclu-
            tiv and Automotive Group com-            siveness, sustainability context
            panies, Supsan, Borusan Lojistik,        and completeness besides the UN
            Borusan EnBW Enerji and Borusan          Global Compact principles that we
            Makina and Güç Sistemleri. We in-        signed in 2003 and UN 2030 Sus-

            cluded Kerim Çelik data along with       tainable Development Goals.
            Borçelik data. Borusan Manheim’s
            performance is outside the bound-
            aries of this report.
            (GRI 102-46)                   

            Our Next Report

            We plan to publish our next report that will reflect our sustainability performan-
            ce in 2018, in the second half of 2019. Previous Borusan Group Sustainability
            Reports are present at our corporate web site.


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