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Borusan Mannesmann Halkalı

            Safety Button Practice

            We provided easy to use, unin-
            structive panic buttons for employ-
            ees who work alone or on critical

            assignments so that they can call
            emergency units by a single press
            in cases of emergency, which is
            vital in preventing dangerous situ-
            ations they may be in and getting
            immediate information about their

            Panic buttons can be used like           emergency crews to use to reach
            telephones,  and  employees  can         those in need in the shortest time.
            use it to call to notify emergency
            units about a situation. In cases        The employees were given neces-
            where an individual is not able to       sary  training  prior  to  the  handing
            make the call, the device uses its       over of the devices. At the end
            automatic detection  abilities to        of the trial period, all of the users
            send warning signals to the emer-        gave a positive feedback, and ex-

            gency units about a case of mo-          pressed their satisfaction with the
            tionlessness or a fall from a height.    practice. Our users thankfully have
            The emergency information device         not experienced a single emergen-
            also features a map at the receiv-       cy situation since the day our pan-
            ing end which indicates the pre-         ic buttons were taken into opera-
            cise location of the incident for our    tion.

                Borçelik – Reducing Work Safety

                Risks in Goods Storage Areas

                Storage areas have become much safer places after preventive measures
                taken in order to eliminate life threatening runaway spool rolling and other
                work accidents. Crane and field operators’ motivations have increased.

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