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Borusan Mannesmann

            Gemlik Safety Buddy System

                                                  We prepared the procedure for safety buddy system
                                                  and the booklet to guide safety buddies in order to min-
                                                  imize the accident risk of new and transferred employ-

                                                  ees, to reduce accidents and to increase OHS culture
                                                  level of employees. We designed trainings for all safety

                                                  We made sure brand-new employees spot and under-
                                                  stand the risks and dangers in the workplace. The rate
                                                  of accidents decreased by assigning brand new em-

                                                  ployees as safety buddies.

            Borusan EnBW Enerji

            Positive HSE (Health Safety Environment)

            Communication Project

            In order to keep the Health Safety Environment (HSE) awareness high and promote proac-

            tive HSE culture, we have carried out informative work on healthy living and feeding with
            the participation of all of the 135 employees of the company, plus the company doctor and
            a diet specialist.

            Through the quarterly publication of BEE Proactive Magazine, we have distributed news
            on HSE and accidents, many different current topics and interviews across the company.
            Every meeting was opened with a different HSE topic thanks to The Safety Calendar. 15
            different educational posters passed across a wide range of HSE topics to the viewers.
            Through 15 HSE talks over the course of that year established platforms where HSE related

            ideas were shared and discussed between HSE units and the employees in all fields.

            Even though there was not a direct financial outcome out of this practice, we have observed
            an increasing HSE awareness thanks to an increased positive communication, which was
            evident in employee loyalty surveys performed within the company.

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