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Borusan Lojistik Port Occupational

            Health and Safety Simulation Centre

            We established OHS simulation center in order to prevent accidents
            by increasing employee awareness and develop personal attention

            on OHS through audio and physical materials and providing behav-
            ior-based  safety  practices.  350  employees  participated  in  the  first

            phase of trainings.

            +                  Economic: Although there’s no            Environmental: Employee

                               direct economic impact, costs            awareness on waste parsing and
                               that occur due to accidents              environmental consciousness
                               decrease because of decreasing           increased.
                               accident numbers.                        Corporate: We aimed continuity
                               Social: We reminded employees            in trainings and to utilize OHS
                               of the unsafe behavior they              Simulation Centre actively.
                               perform during work and provided

                               them with a safe working

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