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Occupational Health and

            Safety Practices

            During the reporting period, we continued to develop projects regar-
            ding occupational health and safety at most of our companies.

            Borusan Mannesmann Gemlik

            Ash Removal Robot

            Our employees designed and
            built a robot using scrap ma-                  Results

            terials and factory assets for
                                                           Economic: We saved 95,420 US Dollars
            the purpose of eliminating er-
            gonomic and physical risks,                    1) By using the robot, more draining was
            reducing the use of zinc, and                  achieved which led to 6% less zinc waste. We

            decreasing the time allocat-                   saved 52,650 US Dollars annually.

            ed for ash removal.                            2) Number of people per shift decreased from
                                                           4 to 1 with the use of robot. We saved 21,600
                                                           US Dollars annually.
                                                           3) By reducing rework caused by quality

                                                           issues and reducing scrap amount, we gained
                                                           19,250 US Dollars annually.
                                                           4) By regaining lost work days due to
                                                           accidents, we saved 1,920 US Dollars
                                                           Social: We provided a safe working
                                                           environment by eliminating ergonomic and
                                                           physical risks by means of the project. The
                                                           motivation of staff increased as a result.

                                                           Environmental: Natural resource
                                                           consumption decreased due to zinc
                                                           consumption decrease. Also, by removing
                                                           ash more effectively, the zinc loss in ash

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