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                                 health and safety

            At all Borusan Group companies, providing a saf-

            er, healthier work environment for employees, cli-

            ents and suppliers is our business priority. In 2017,

            we continued risk analyses, performance meas-

            urements, trainings, practices and infrastructure

            improvements in accordance with our zero-oc-

            cupational  accident  target.  We  provided  over  80

            thousand hours of occupational health and safety

            trainings to over 5 thousand people, including con-

            tractor employees.

                               At all Borusan Group companies,          We intended to establish “Borusan

                               we have Occupational Health and          OHS Group” in order to develop
                               Safety (OHS)  Committees that            OHS culture among group compa-
                               represent  entire  workforce.  OHS       nies and provide a platform where
                               Committees act as an internal            companies share their experienc-
                               communication mechanism where            es and learn from each other in
                               group employees can convey their         2015. OHS trainings include 29%
                               suggestions, complaints and ex-          of all trainings across group com-

                               pectations regarding health and          panies. In the reporting period, we
                               safety. Suggestions from commit-         provided 39 thousand hours OHS
                               tees are one of the main enablers        training to our group employees.
                               for the constant development  of
                               OHS performance.

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