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P. 79

At Borusan Group companies, we promise fair, safe and healthy work

 environment for our employees and we guarantee that

 they practice all labor and human rights in line with

 laws and regulations. Business Ethics Rules policy guides our group

 regarding human and employee rights.

          based on opportunity and social          ness into an equal structure. We aim
          gender equality constitute the ba-       to create awareness in mind set via
          sis for our human resources prac-        this transformation. Our objective is

          tices, while works aiming at raising     to form a happy and successful fu-
          awareness among stakeholders             ture where no social perception or
          and the society are conducted.           role, especially gender, will prohibit
                                                   equality. Details about this platform
          For this purpose, we established         are located in the Women Empow-
          the social equality platform named       erment section of our report.
          “Equal Borusan”. In the scope of
          this employee- initiative platform,      Information on this platform is un-
          we transform our language, per-          der the section named Women Em-

          spective and the way we do busi-         powerment.

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