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                                 At Borusan Group companies, we promise fair, safe and healthy work

                                 environment for our employees and we guarantee that

                                 they practice all labor and human rights in line with

                                 laws and regulations. Business Ethics Rules policy guides our group

                                 regarding human and employee rights.

                                 According to our business ethics         Due to the nature of industries we
                                 rules and company policies, child        operate in, Borusan Group compa-
                                 labor and forced labor are strictly      nies are preferred mostly by male

                                 prohibited at group companies. To        employees and thus, the ratio of
                                 date, no incidents regarding viola-      women  employees  to  office  em-
                                 tion of the freedom of association       ployees was 16.4%. The ratio of
                                 and union rights have occurred and       women executives to all executives
                                 none of our operations carry an ob-      was 11%.
                                 vious risk in this manner at group
                                 companies. As of 2017 end, 88.4%         At Borusan Group, we believe that
                                 of our factory employees are cov-        social and personal welfare reside
                                 ered by a collective bargaining          in unconditional equality of wom-

                                 agreement. (GRI 102-41)                  en-men. Human resources policies

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