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Retaining talents is getting harder every day. In order to keep them and high poten-
            tials and performers for longer tenures we selected 50-60 employees and provided
            them with opportunities to meet with executive level one on one, have breakfast and
            lunch with the CEO, make presentation to executive board, participate in C level
            meetings, have special training and development programs planned, and attend-
            ance to faculty programs. Our target is to reach 90% retention. The results will be
            followed up in the coming years and continuation activities will be planned.

            Our executive team promised to           Consciousness of Roles and Re-
            create this type of work culture by      sponsibilities,  6-The  Power  of

            signing the seven initiatives that       Shared Wisdom, and 7-The Belief
            summarized the work launched             of Embracing.
            with the brand “Running Towards
            Tomorrow” in 2015.                       These seven initiatives and ac-
                                                     tions determined under each of
            Running Towards Tomorrow is              them were developed through
            now a collection of initiatives that     workshops by the participation of
            represents  the  steps  to  a  cultur-   all employees and became a cor-
            al change. These initiatives are         porate constitution.

            designed  so  that  staff  manag-
            es the company with 1- A Real            Employee  engagement  rates  in-
            Team, 2-  The  Energy  of  Sharing,      creased every  year to yield a re-
            3-Transparent      Communication,        sult above the industry norms and
            4-Innovation that Inspires, 5-The        Borusan Group in general in 2017.

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