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Borusan Alpha

                               Borusan Alpha Program refers to          We take new university gradu-
                               both young talents scouting and          ates  with  high  potential  under  an
                               long-term internship programs.           18-month development program.
                               Even though this program is taken        Thanks to the Mentorship Pro-
                               as two separate programs within          gram, those Alphas who are at the
                               Borusan Group, we are aiming to          beginning of their work lives get

                               build a bridge between Borusan           to  benefit  from  the  experiences
                               Alpha Young Talent Program and           of Borusan’s leaders, which helps
                               Borusan Alpha Internship Program         them adapt to Borusan culture in
                               where we begin to work with young        a short time. We aim to save the
                               talents while they continue their        group time and expense through
                               trainings, and nurture them toward       those talents who we will employ
                               their later professional lives.          with the belief that they will bring
                                                                        Borusan a benefit and become the
            Our aim is to employ those candidates
                                                                        managers of the future by choos-
            Borusan Group believes to be its man-
                                                                        ing  to  rise  up  through  in-group
            agers in the future, and wills to invest                    promotions  rather  than  searching
            in their development and turn them into                     for opportunities elsewhere in the

            our Group’s future leaders.                                 long run.

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