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Our Employer Brand

            “Borusan Is Here”

            In 2017, in order to have nearly eight thousand employees of the entire
            Borusan Group companies experience a better work experience, review

            all of our processes from employee experience, and shift our communi-
            cation into that direction, and strengthen the ideal employer perception in
            the eyes of potential talents, we carried out process and system improve-
            ments in talent management, performance, training and development,
            social clubs, and fringe benefits through the viewfinder of our employer
            brand, “Borusan Is Here”.

            We established our external communication strategy to pull potential tal-
            ents to Borusan and started to organize network meetings named Boru-
            san Atelier, focusing specifically on young talent communication. We up-
            dated our young talent program in line with this strategy.

            Borusan Puantum

            Its purpose is to enable open com-       Puantum is a digital platform open to its
            munication where employees can           employees in order to support feedback
            give their feedback anytime an-
                                                     culture within Borusan Group.
            ywhere, thereby proving that the
            feedback can not only be given           In the last 1,5 years since we be-
            from manager to employee, but            gan to use Puantum, 2,338 em-
            rather be given and taken between        ployees in Borusan Group actively
            all levels within the company struc-     used Puantum, and contributed
            ture.                                    with over 27 thousand feedbacks.
                                                     With the integration of Puantum
            Our target  for the second half of       platform with a new rewarding
            2017 was so that 50% of employ-          scheme that will be introduced in

            ees  within  the  scope  would  do       2018, we aim to build  a bidirec-
            their first log in to the system and     tional relationship between the
            become a user and contribute with        feedback mechanism and the re-
            at least one feedback.                   warding scheme.

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