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  employment                                                 Competency


 At Borusan attracting talents and retaining them by constantly supporting their de-  We intend to objectively assess the
                                                             traits that help an employee fulfill
 velopments is fundamental for the sustainability of our group. The basis for the hu-  and exceed the necessities of her

                                                             duties, authority, responsibilities
 man resource practices constitutes maximizing the competence, motivation and
                                                             and targets, and to identify and

 performance of our employees and thereby supporting them to create a competi-  develop improvement areas
                                                             within a specific term through
 tive edge in their industries.                              Competency Assessment.

                                                             We anticipate that the employee

                                                             is evaluated by various parties
                                                             such as her team, superiors, peer
            day-cares, preschools and devel-
                                                             stakeholders and that she receives
            opment programs.
                                                             an objective feedback through a

            During 2016-2017, 100% of the 72                 multidimensional picture of her
            women employees who gained the                   performance. Approximately 4,500
            right to use maternity leave, used               white-collar employees are subject to
            their leaves and 66% returned to                 this process every year.

            work after their maternity leave.
            61% worked another 12 months                     Competency result is an effective
            after they returned from maternity               feedback tool to utilize in education
            leave.                                           and training, performance evaluation

                                                             and career management. We decided
            At Borusan Group companies, to-
                                                             to renovate this process in line
            tal number of employees increased
                                                             with our performance management
            by 2% in 2017. Women employee
                                                             perspective to improve our
            ratio stayed the same as 16.6%.
                                                             development areas. We will share
            We provided more than 136 thou-
                                                             the new process and system with
            sand hours of training to our em-
                                                             our employees in the second half of
            ployees in 2017 in both profes-
            sional and personal development

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