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            At Borusan attracting talents and retaining them by constantly supporting their de-

            velopments is fundamental for the sustainability of our group. The basis for the hu-

            man resource practices constitutes maximizing the competence, motivation and

            performance of our employees and thereby supporting them to create a competi-

            tive edge in their industries.

            Breakdown of                                                All white-collar employees of our
                                                                        group  are  covered  by  health  in-
            Employees                                                   surance that involves both inpa-

                                                                        tient and outpatient treatment.
                                                                        Besides  providing  yearly  check-
                                                                        up and health insurance in various
                                                                        contents according to manage-
            %16,6                                                       ment level; we also offer Employ-

                                                                        ee Pension Plan for employees
                                                                        who are over 35 years of age with
                                                                        more than three-year seniority that
                                                                        would help them manage their re-
                                                                        tirement. In this context, we de-
            %83,4                                                       duct employees’ salaries and add

                                                                        a company share to invest in their
                                                                        plans. Employees who complete
                                                                        5 years at Borusan Group can re-
                                                                        deem their savings. We provide
                                                                        special discounts for those wom-
                                                                        en-men employees who own 0-6
                                                                        years  of  age  children  at  specific

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