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Supsan Efficiency Projects

            At Supsan, we are aiming to become a “World Class Lean

            Manufacturer” by catching a business perfection through
            value creating Lean 6 Sigma processes that are stripped from

            wastefulness and with shortened turnover times.

            In Supsan in 2017, we have implemented many projects which addressed and  contributed
            to a wide range of improvements in our sustainability works, such as; in order to respond
            to OEM customer demands and improve on costs to be appealing to them, and in the
            meantime, to reply to the capacity increase demands, increasing the amount of production
            per hour, increasing machinery productivity, reducing double operations to single opera-
            tion, reducing the facility materials and tooling costs, reducing scrap and correction ratios,
            digitalization, and improving on stoppage times that arise from break downs and alignment

            We have improved the productivity by producing more at lesser costs, we have contributed
            to the environment by consuming less electrical energy and producing less scrap, and we
            have created an advantage for ourselves in competition.



            With these projects…

            • 5% improvement in scrap rates compared to previous year,
            • 7% improvement in correction rates compared to previous year,
            • 12% improvement in production costs excluding raw materials, compared to previous year,
            • 18% improvement in OEE values compared to previous year,
            • 2% improvement in unplanned stoppages compared to previous year.
            • Direct labor productivity has gone up by 2% compared to previous year, reaching to 27.8.
            Social: Employee motivation increased thanks to the use of new technology machinery.
            The team has been awarded for the successful completion of the project.
            Environmental: With the improvements on line turnover times and hourly production
            numbers, more products began to be manufactured in less time than before. This resulted
            in reduced electricity consumption. Through the improvements in facility materials
            consumption, we began to produce more with less consumption. The power consumption
            per produced valve went from 1.35 kW/piece in 2016 down to 0,99 kW/piece in 2017. We
            contributed to the environment by producing more with less power consumption.

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