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lean 6

                                 sigma projects

              Company                Investment            Objective

              Borusan                Building of           Building a communication center where we
              Makina ve              Communication         can respond to and register any kind of call
              Güç Sistemleri         Center Project        in request in order to be able to respond to
              Headquarters                                 and serve our customers in the fastest and
                                                           timely way possible.

              Targeted Gains         Economic: Increasing our sales
                                     Social: Increasing customer satisfaction
                                     Corporate: In the next step, the reconciliation process will be
                                     improved, which is one of the reasons our customers call us
                                     most for.

              Company                Investment            Objective

              Borçelik               Flow and              Increasing the burning efficiency in annealing
              BAF-ArGe               Thermal               furnaces and saving energy
                                     Modeling and
                                     Optimization of
                                     Batch Annealing

              Targeted Gains         Economic: We achieved material gains.
                                     Environmental: We consumed less natural gas and electricity.

              Company                Investment            Objective

              Supsan                 Supsan Engine         Becoming a design partner to engine
              ArGe                   Test Center           manufacturers in valve designs, and being
                                                           able to perform validation tests necessary
                                                           for OEM

              Results                Economic: Through this project, our company gained the skill to
                                     perform engine tests. We have started to perform many engine
                                     tests inhouse, which we used to have to contract out before.
                                     Social: Because of our test and design capabilities, we are being
                                     preferred as valve manufacturer in new projects.
                                     Corporate: We are among a handful of companies in the sector
                                     who have their own test centers.

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