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Company                Investment               Objective

              Borusan CAT            Increasing the           Creating a training and self-development
                                     number of Digital        opportunity through the use of digital
                                     Learning Sources         sources for approximately one thousand
                                                              employees with different learning styles
                                                              all distributed across various regions,
                                                              thereby enriching corporate memory.

              Targeted Gains         Economic: Creating a 100% Borusan CAT production online
                                     medium with no extra coding, design, content plus project
                                     management or consultancy cost. Social: Helping our
                                     colleagues have access to information anytime anywhere
                                     and whenever they need so that they can work faster, more
                                     effectively and with pleasure, and become “self-learners”.
                                     Corporate: Allowing our colleagues to use initiative to share
                                     their knowledge and expertise and increasing their loyalty.

              Company                Investment               Objective

              Borusan Oto            Increasing               Increasing technician productivity, spare
              Avcılar                Productivity at          parts sales turnover, and customer and
                                     Borusan Oto              worker satisfaction.
                                     Avcılar BMW-
                                     MINI Mechanical
                                     Workshop Project

              Results                Economic: The approved financial input of the project’s first six
                                     months has been 203,600 US Dollars, where we have achieved
                                     9.5% increase in parts sales turnover and 4.5% increase in AW
                                     production per technician. Social: We have built the B ideas
                                     platform and formed a voluntary advisory committee, where
                                     our colleagues had a platform where they could express and
                                     put forward their ideas and opinions freely anytime. As the
                                     ideas and opinion shared started to reflect on the work life they
                                     began to notice the value given to their contribution better,
                                     which made them work more happily and begin to display a
                                     sense of ownership in their work. Corporate: Our project had
                                     an immense response from all across our business network.
                                     Even upon its initial announcement, we have had many of our
                                     authorized technical services phoning in to place requests for
                                     similar projects. As soon as the gains of the project came out,
                                     we decided to spread it across all services.

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