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lean 6

                                 sigma projects

              Company                Investment            Objective

              Borusan                MRP: Material         Taking the requirement items that make up
              Mannesmann             Requirement           the MRP under control and finalizing MRP in
              Gemlik ERW             Planning)             one day in order to avoid the risk of losing
              Factory                Communization         advantage due to delays in decisions to take
                                     and reduction         position according to price changes, which
                                     of raw material       is the most important issue in steel sector.

              Results                Economic: We have reduced the risks of missing position in raw
                                     material procurement and erroneous material purchasing.
                                     Social: We have switched to a simpler and more practical
                                     interface for the personnel in the procurement department. The
                                     worker motivation has been increased thanks to the reduction of
                                     workload that has no added value.

              Company                Investment            Objective

              Borçelik               Reducing              Reducing stoppages in order to prevent
                                     stoppages in          bottlenecks on the acidification line.
                                     (CPL) Lines

              Results                Economic: We have made 21,000 tons of additional CPL
                                     capacity (13 additional shifts). Created 700,000 US Dollars a year
                                     Social: Acidification line broke two monthly and an annual total
                                     production record. Source breakage and telescope-related
                                     substandard performance reduced by 34% (down to 210 tons
                                     from a previous 320 tons)
                                     Environmental: The occurrence frequency of two operations
                                     that pose OHS risk has dropped.
                                     Corporate: The gained knowledge has been a valuable training
                                     material for starting operators.

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