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Company                Investment            Objective

              Borusan                Draught Hole          Preventing the inappropriate excess
              Mannesmann             Value Flow            intermediate stockpile in the footpaths
              Halkalı Factory        Mapping               outside the designated pipe storage areas
                                                           and also walk ways, as a result of the
                                                           instantaneous excessive production due to
                                                           the capacity differences between processes.

              Targeted Gains         Economic: Reduction in the material delivery time related
                                     productivity loss thanks to the improved line balancing
                                     Social: Elimination of quality and work safety risks arising from
                                     intermediate stockpile problem.

              Company                Investment            Objective

              Borusan                Machinery             Sourcing same quality spare parts from local
              Mannesmann             Spare Parts           suppliers cheaper and faster
              Gemlik Spiral          Localization
              Pipe Factory           Project

              Results                Economic: At the end of 12-month validation period we have
                                     reached to 110,000 US Dollars revenue, while having obtained
                                     materials in so much shorter lead times compared to imported
                                     Social: We have begun to work with new and local suppliers.

              Company                Investment            Objective

              Borusan                Reducing the          Spotting and consuming slow moving,
              Mannesmann             slow-moving           hidden and unidentified raw material in the
              Gemlik ERW             inventory             stock.
              Factory                turnover

              Targeted Gains         Economic: 96,000 US Dollars a year revenue increase
                                     Social: Reduction of inventory stock thereby reducing work
                                     health and safety risks during related inventory moves
                                     Corporate: Carrying out list preparation process in digital

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