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lean 6

                                 sigma projects

              Company                Investment                 Objective

              Borusan EnBW           Optimization of            Increasing generation, decreasing
              Enerji                 Excessive Demand           operational expenses & keeping general
                                     Process in Yedigöl         & administrative costs at minimum level
                                     HEPP, and Generation       Increasing power generation by utilizing
                                     Increasing Project         water source more effectively.

              Results                Economic: 47,754 US Dollars revenue after deduction of
                                     excessive power demand related surcharges
                                     Environmental: Renewable energy generation increased, and
                                     carbon footprint decreased.

              Company                Investment                Objective

              Borusan                Building of               Increasing line productivity, reducing
              Mannesmann             Maintenance               mechanical breakdowns and downtimes
              Gemlik Spiral          Systematics for Spot      and maintenance costs
              Pipe Factory           Welding and SP4
                                     Pipe Manufacturing
                                     Machinery Project

              Results                Economic: Our potential production capacity was increased as
                                     our downtime rate was reduced. Our maintenance costs dropped.
                                     Social: Our factory workers got to know the machines they
                                     worked on better, which created a sense of belonging and
                                     ownership on them.
                                     Environmental: We reduced the environmental pollution by
                                     intervening the sources of pollution right on the spot.

              Company                Investment                Objective

              Borusan                Reducing the              Minimizing the errors in purchase order
              Mannesmann             number of Customer        entries, and detection and correction
                                     Price Difference          of errors before they have a chance to
                                     Invoices                  appear on the final invoice.

              Targeted Gains         Economic: Prevention of erroneous invoicing and avoiding
                                     unforeseen errors.
                                     Social: Increase in worker and client satisfaction thanks to
                                     minimized errors through coordination and cooperation
                                     Corporate: Reduction in the number of price difference invoices
                                     on a monthly basis.

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