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R&D and


            New R&D Centers

            of Borusan

              Company                Investment            Objective

              Supsan                 Opening of The        Realizing innovative R&D projects, becoming
                                     Supsan R&D            more competitive in the market, and
                                     Center                increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty
                                                           through the use of advancing technologies

              Results                Economic: The investments made with the target of increasing
                                     Supsan’s production capacity by 20% resulted in us seeing our
                                     annual valve production to reach 12 million units from a previous
                                     10 million. We have also qualified for a 225,364 TL grant in 2017
                                     with the building of the R&D Center.
                                     Social: Successful investment endeavors increased our workers’
                                     motivation and loyalty to the company.
                                     Corporate: Thanks to the building of the R&D Center, Supsan
                                     will be stronger in competition by developing innovative projects
                                     in line with the progressing trends and new technologies.

              Company                Investment            Objective

              Borçelik               Opening of the        Following up technologies and trends,
                                     Gemlik Bursa          advancing in the fields of materials,
                                     R&D Center            processes and technologies

              Targeted Gains         Economic: Receiving tax relief and subsidy on R&D Center
                                     Social: Improving work environment
                                     Environmental: Increasing the number of energy and efficiency

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