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Kartaldağı Wind Power Plant

            Nurdağı - Gaziantep

            Leading aspects of investment:

            We conducted effective stakehol-

            der communication for raising            Timing
            awareness of local community in          Investment Decision: March 2016
            order to finish permission proces-       Completion Date: November 2017
            ses in time. We established close
            relationships with local administ-       Installed Capacity
            rations and provided local emp-
                                                     65.55 MW

            We built a condolence  reception         We built roads designed as access
            house in the largest village in the      routes between villages within the
            project zone. We also had their pri-     project field. We had a solar powe-
            mary school’s garden and its envi-       red  watering  trough  built  to  sup-
            ronment redesigned.                      port sheep and goat farming.

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