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Borusan EnBW Enerji

            2017 Renewable Energy Generation Investments

            Pamuklu Solar Power Plant

            Mut - Mersin

            Leading aspects of investment:                          We completed the project according
                                                                    to our targets in terms of  timing and
                                                                    budget. We contributed to local econ-
                                                                    omy by supplying plant equipment,

                                                                    electrical equipment, piles and etc.
                                                                    from local producers. We employed 8
                                                                    people from local community as secu-
                                                                    rity staff.

                                                                    We managed to gain our country a
            Timing                                                  non-agricultural land that is 40 kilo-
            Start date: March 2017                                  meters away from the city center on

            Completion date: July 2017                              a  slope  to  be  utilized  as  solar  power
                                                                    plant site.

            Installed Capacity
                                                                    Through the lifetime of the project, 20
            2.2 MW                                                  years, 3,287 tons of carbon emission

                                                                    will be emitted.

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