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Borusan EnBW Enerji

            2017 Renewable Energy Generation Investments

                               Balabanlı WPP Capacity

                               Enhancement Project


                               Leading aspects of investment:

                               The three wind turbines which            System to be tracked by Borusan
                               are top-notch technology prod-           EnBW where any social stakehold-
                               ucts without gear box built with         er can submit enquiries and com-
                               130 meters wing diameter and 3.6         plaints.
                               megawatts electric power are the
                               largest and powerful ever built in       Because the plant was amongst
                               Turkey then.                             farm  fields,  we  utilized  existing
                                                                        roads and obeyed the farm bor-
                               Turbine towers were built in Turkey.     ders while opening new roads.

                               We planned the plant investment
                               suitable for ecological environ-         We paid attention to utilize local
                               ment. We took into consideration         subcontractors  during  and  after
                               the concerns of social stakehold-        the investment and by creating
                               ers during planning and construc-        employment in the region, we con-
                               tion stages.                             tributed to local economies.

                               In  order  to  prevent  possible  in-    Only  the  capacity  enhancement
                               conveniences during construction         project  of  Balabanlı  WPP  meets
                               work, we established Grievance           the annual electrical power need
                                                                        of 12,500 households and in the
                                                                        meantime, we prevent 19 tons/
                                                                        year carbon emission. The amount
            Timing                                                      of carbon emission we prevent
            Start date: May 2016                                        creates an equal impact that 500

            Completion date: February 2017                              thousand trees do.

                                                                        Impacts before, during and after
            Installed Capacity
                                                                        investment on natural life have
            3.6 MW
                                                                        been tracked by authorized ex-
                                                                        perts and no damage is reported.

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