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Current Plants

                                                                Bandırma Wind Power Plant (89.7 MW)

                                                    Yedigöl-Aksu Hydroelectric Power Plant (50.3 MW)

                                                                 Balabanlı Wind Power Plant (50.6 MW)

                                                                     Koru Wind Power Plant (52.8 MW)

                                                                      Mut Wind Power Plant (52.8 MW)

                                                                Harmanlık Wind Power Plant (52.8 MW)

                                                                        Fuat Wind Power Plant (33 MW)

                                                                    Dayıcık Solar Power Plant (6.6 MW)

                                                                               New Plants of 2017

                                                              Kartaldağı Wind Power Plant (65.55 MW)

                                                                   Pamuklu Solar Power Plant (2.2 MW)

                                           Balabanlı Wind Power Plant - Capacity increase (10,8 MW)

                                                                     Kıyıköy Wind Power Plant (28 MW)

                Gains Targeted with these Investments are to

                • Increase diversity of energy resources in Borusan EnBW Enerji portfolio and
                contribute to the creation of a balanced portfolio,

                • Contribute in the environmental conservation by investing in solar and wind power
                that produce zero carbon and no waste,

                • Contribute directly to Turkey’s 2023 policy to meet 30% of country’s energy need

                from renewable resources, and increase wind power installed capacity to 10,000
                megawatts in 2019 and 20,000 megawatts in 2023,

                • Contribute in decreasing Turkey’s foreign trade deficit by reducing energy import
                through the use of domestic, renewable resources.

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