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            In 2017, we continued to grow our profits in all business lines we operate. Our total rev-

            enues exceeded 4.7 billion US dollars. We also continued our investments in our group
            mainly on sustainable energy production.

            We accomplished many investment projects at all our companies with the objective to
            develop innovative products and services that are efficiency and business excellence ori-
            ented. We manage all our investments with the aim of creating sustainable benefits and
            evaluate according to their economic, social, environmental and corporate results.

              Company                Investment                      Objective

              Borusan                Damper Tube Cutting and         Overcoming capacity bottleneck in
              Mannesmann             Online Washing Line             this line

              Results                Economic: Damper tube cutting and washing capacity
                                     increased by 3 million pieces annually.
                                     Social: Customer satisfaction increased.

              Company                Investment            Objective

              Borusan Oto            Borusan Oto           Utilizing potential in accordance with
              Samandıra              Authorized            the Expansion Network Plan, increasing
                                     Dealer and            additional sales and after sales income,
                                     Technical Service     increasing customer satisfaction

              Results                Economic: Sales and after sales income and market share
                                     Social: Customer satisfaction increased.
                                     Corporate: Brand awareness increased.

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