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            Borusan Holding that plays a cen-        We conduct all operations
            tral role and does not participate in
            management of group companies,           at Borusan Group
            along with Borusan Yatırım which
            participates in companies with mi-       companies according to
            nority  shares  and  functions  as  a
                                                     transparency, fairness,
            portfolio company, comprise the
            Corporate Parent. Holding corpo-
                                                     responsibility and
            rate governance structure is based
            on  effective  communication  and
                                                     accountability principles
            audit mechanisms that establish
            control over the entire group.
                                                     of corporate governance.

            Borusan Holding Board of Direc-
            tors, the supreme decision-making        Holding  Financial  Control,  Inter-
            organ of the group, undertakes the       nal Audit, Finance and Investor
            general responsibility of group ac-      Relations departments cooperate
            tivities  towards  shareholders  and     with Corporate Risk Management
            other stakeholders. The Board de-        Department in implementing risk
            termines the group objectives and        processes.  Internal  Audit  Depart-
            develops strategy to achieve these       ment  inspects  group  companies’
            objectives and thereby works for         processes  and  offers  them  im-
            sustainable development of group         provement suggestions by iden-
            companies.                               tifying the risk areas. The inspec-
                                                     tions conducted by Internal Audit
            Borusan Holding Board of Direc-          department includes social topics
            tors, with a balanced structure of       such as ethics, employee rights,
            both executive and non-executive         and  OHS,  in  addition  to  environ-
            members, is comprised of seven           mental topics. In 2017, 70% of
            members. Board does not include          Holding Internal Audit Depart-
            any independent members. Hold-           ment’s inspections at group com-
            ing Executive Board is positioned        panies were on social and environ-
            under  the  Board  of  Directors  in     mental topics.
            the organizational structure and
            acts as the management platform
            that oversees the achievement of            Structure of
            group strategic objectives. Execu-          Board of Directors
            tive Board members lead specific
                                                        Women Members                                 %29
            industry and business line related
            studies by taking part in the man-          Foreign Members                               %29
            agement boards of group compa-              Members 50 Years and above %100
            nies as chairman or member.

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