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Borusan Holding’s


         approach is based

         on communicating

         effectively and

         transparently with


                         We determine the long-term strategies of Borusan Holding group
                         companies in the framework of a five-year perspective and four ma-
                         jor concepts. These are; Profit Growth, Strategic Market Positioning,

                         New Products & Services and Business Excellence.

                         Borusan  Holding’s  management  approach  is  based  on  communi-
                         cating effectively and transparently with all our internal and external
                         stakeholders. We take into consideration both industry and stake-

                         holder priorities in defining our sustainability priorities. While realizing
                         our strategic plans, we prioritize our social, environmental and eco-
                         nomic aspects, create continuous and ever-increasing value for our


                         Our vision for 2024 is “Borusan to grow, achieve high profits, domi-
                         nate its markets, consist of innovative companies, have a culture that
                         nurtures the best skills, and is successful and responsible.” In every

                         step, we take with this vision, we continue monitoring our sustaina-
                         bility impacts.

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