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Borusan Holding

    and group


                               At Borusan, we achieve sustain-          use  of  resources,  and  defining
                               able growth by means of our              sustainability strategy.
                               strong corporate business cul-
                               ture. Borusan Holding and Boru-          Borusan Danışmanlık is in charge
                               san Danışmanlık ve Borusan ArGe          of providing the expertise neces-
                               oversee the central management           sary for our group to reach its stra-
                               of our group together.                   tegic targets and support business

                                                                        outcomes and managing the pro-
                               Borusan Holding assumes respon-          cesses  regarding  optimum  cost/
                               sibility of increasing the value cre-    maximum  efficiency.  The  compa-
                               ated to shareholders and other           ny also oversees major initiatives
                               stakeholders through the leading,        such as; Lean 6 Sigma, Sustain-
                               supportive, and controlling role         ability and Corporate Social Re-
                               it plays as the strategic leader of      sponsibility  projects  across the

                               group  companies.  Holding  fulfills     group.
                               the  critical  responsibilities  such
                               as; deploying “innovative compe-         While initiating projects within the
                               tition” understanding throughout         framework of the topics deter-
                               the organization and value chain,        mined by its technological roadm-
                               managing  relations  with  partners      ap, Borusan ArGe aims to con-
                               and  other  stakeholders,  efficient     tribute  both  our  country  and  the
                                                                        sectors it operates.
                       At Borusan, we achieve

                                                                        Besides Turkey, our companies
                          sustainable growth by
                                                                        operate in 10 countries; USA, The
                             means of our strong                        Netherlands, Italy, North Cyprus,
                                                                        Georgia, Azerbaijani, Kazakhstan,
                corporate business culture.                             Kirghizstan, Far East and Russia.

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