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While we encourage our employees to

            volunteer, we give back to society and support

            social development by our practices involving

            education, culture and art, environment, human

            rights and women empowerment that are also

            supported by employees.

            We included the details of these         music lovers with Turkey’s and
            projects under the related topics        world’s best musicians  thanks to

            of our report.                           Borusan Art. We presented dis-
                                                     tinctive samples of modern art to
            While we encourage our employ-           art lovers through Borusan Con-
            ees to volunteer, we give back to        temporary and worked for a more
            society and support social devel-        equal  and  right  society  by  our
            opment by our practices involving        women empowerment works. We
            education, culture and art, envi-        spent USD 15 million in social pro-

            ronment, human rights and wom-           jects during the reporting period.
            en empowerment that are also
            supported by employees. In 2017,         I hereby would like to thank all our
            our volunteer employee number            stakeholders  beginning  with  our
            increased by 5% to 995 people            employees for their work and sup-
            and time spent for volunteering in-      port in our sustainability journey
            creased 65% to become 10 thou-           which we set off with the intention
            sand 757 hours.                          to create value and invite you to

                                                     give feedback on our sustainability
            In 2017, our support in Borusan          performance.
            Kocabıyık  Association’s  educa-
            tional  institutions  continued.  We
            brought together thousands of            AGAH UĞUR / GROUP CEO

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